Cape Cod Lighthouses

There are many different Cape Cod lighthouses to visit on your next vacation, all with their own rich history.

Most people are drawn to lighthouses with their welcoming beams of light. Lighthouses symbolize safety and security to ocean travelers and have been around for thousands of years.

With today's technology including sonar and GPS systems, lighthouses on Cape Cod are no longer needed for safe navigation. Still they remain today; some in disrepair like abandoned cars along a remote highway, while others are constantly being "moved back" from the constant shoreline erosion.

Over the centuries, the relentless pounding of the surf has caused significant erosion along the Cape Cod coastline. As a result, most of the Cape's lighthouses have been rebuilt or moved inland for protection over the years.

One of my favourite things to do is to go down to the beach on foggy nights and watch as the pulse of light from Nauset Light, goes round and round. There is an eerie stillness that washes over me as I sit in the sand and enjoy the night.

Most Cape Cod lighthouses are steeped in rich history. Some are open to the public, while others are open only on special occasions. Usually a tour guide will show you around and tell you all about that particular lighthouse's past.

cape cod lighthouse map

Each lighthouse has their own page so click on the images below to go to each individual light's page.

Race point Light
Wood End Light

1. Race Point Light

2. Wood End Light

Long Point Light LightHighland Light

3. Long Point Light

4. Highland Light

Three Sisters Lighthouses Nauset Light

5. Three Sisters Lights

6. Nauset Light

Chatham LightStage Harbor Light

7. Chatham Light

8. Stage Harbor Light

Monomoy Point LightWest Dennis Light

9. Monomoy Point Light

10. West Dennis Light

Sandy Neck LightPoint Gammon Lighthouse

11. Sandy Neck Light

12. Point Gammon Light

Hyannis Harbor LightWings Neck Lighthouse

13. Hyannis Harbor Light

14. Wings Neck Lighthouse

Nobska Light

15. Nobska Light

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