Wings Neck Lighthouse

Wings Neck Lighthouse

Wings Neck Lighthouse is on a peninsula (called Wings Neck) that extends from Pocasset on Cape Cod, out into Buzzards Bay.

The area where the lighthouse is located, used to be quite swampy but rich in iron. Several companies, (including the Pocasset Iron Company) were established by the mid-1800s as a result. This industry brought increased shipping traffic, which in turn created a need for a lighthouse in 1849.

The Wings Neck Light was 38 feet above the ground and 50 feet above the water. In the 1870s, it was noted that the weight of the lantern was crushing the roof of the dwelling.

Repairs were done after a fire broke out in 1878 and 10 years later, the station was finally re-built.

Completed in 1890, the new dwelling, was a wood-frame structure, 28 by 31 feet. A wooden lighthouse tower was built next to the dwelling, with the light 44 feet above the water, making it visible 12 miles out at sea. An enclosed walkway joined the two structures in 1899.

The wooden bell tower and 1,000-pound fog bell were added to the station in 1902.

The local marine traffic increased greatly after the Cape Cod Canal opened in 1914. Personnel at the light station had to watch for any approaching vessels from the south, and they would phone ahead so that a tugboat and pilot could meet the ships for their route through the canal.

In 1923, the keeper's house at Ned's Point Light in Mattapoisett, was floated across Buzzards Bay to become an assistant keeper's house at Wings Neck Lighthouse Station. Floating houses to relocate them was a curious, but common practice. The house is now privately owned.

The lens was replaced and the light was changed from fixed to flashing in 1928. The light was later converted to electricity in 1934.

After the building of Cleveland Ledge Light, Wing's Neck Light was considered unnecessary. The station was discontinued in 1945 and went up for sale in 1947.

Wings Neck Lighthouse

The area around the lighthouse is now a monitoring station for the Cape Cod Canal, with radar and CCTV.

Wing's Neck Lighthouse is not accessible to the public, as it is on private property. It can however be seen from a fence not too far from the lighthouse. The lighthouse is also available for rent as a unique vacation experience.

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