How I Turned A Passion For Cape Cod Into A Business Using SBI....

....And Had Fun Along The Way.

Have you ever considered turning your hobby or interests into an income? It may be easier than you think...

I turned a passion for Cape Cod and first hand knowledge, into a nice residual income that keeps growing each month--all with SBI.

After years of vacationing on the Cape, we always had friends asking us what to see and where to stay. I was even told that my knowledge could fill a book--or 2.

While looking around the Internet one day, I came upon Site Build It and I had my "AH-HA MOMENT."

Check out this video for a quick tour of SBI.

Little did I know at the time, the software I purchased to help me with my simple travel site, would become so powerful and would allow me to begin earning a fantastic income from my passion...

All I was looking for was an easy way to share our favourite "Cape Cod Insider Tips" with friends and family on the Internet but it became much, much more.

I never expected to make money from my knowledge and experience without actually selling anything.

Choosing a domain name for my site was important and SBI guides you through this process too.

Just FYI, you may be hesitant to buy SBI because of a lot of Site Build It scam articles that are out there. Fear not though because these are false campaigns created by a competitor.

A Roadmap For Success...

Because I had absolutely no experience building websites, I wanted some kind of support or manual to help build my site.

With Site Build It I got it all. The software included a 600 page action guide that eased me through each step of the process. For those that need a more visual learning tool, (like me) SBI provides video lessons with step-by-step instructions for the whole process.

They offer so much more than other companies. See and compare for yourself.

The first step was using "BrainstormIt" to search for the best keywords to use for building my site. I wanted to find the most profitable keywords to design the pages around. These keywords would be ones that people type into the search engines when looking for web sites or in my case, information about Cape Cod.

The software that helped to discover these keywords was very easy to use.

It is kind of like "website building for dummies!"

I just needed to choose a few general keywords related to my topic that I wanted to base my website around. The first word I chose was "Cape Cod." I typed this word into the text box and pushed a button.

Then I left the software to do its work while I began some basic research. After a little while the software had done its job and presented me with a list of words it found.

How It All Works...

This is how it works. The software sent the keyword "Cape Cod" out to a special list of search engines and did a search for websites using that keyword. It brought back a list of the top websites it found for that keyword. It then searched the code within those websites and compiled a list of all the other related keywords it found.

Along with the list of keywords it also showed how many times each keyword was typed into the search box by someone conducting a search at the search engine.

It then compared the number of times each word was searched with how many times it was found in the database and gave me a profitability rating. The more times the word was searched and the less times it's found in the database, the higher the profitability rating it receives.

Once I got the list back from the first search, I chose another word from this list to run the search again to expand on my theme.

By the time the process was completed, I had a list of over 500 keywords related Cape Cod and vacation information that could be used to build a website.

Each keyword is stored in Brainstormer Manager and can be sorted in various ways.

For each keyword I also received a list of other websites that use that keyword. You can use this list to find websites to exchange links with or to partner with in any other kind of business venture you can work out together.

Once I had a blueprint completed the next step was to register a domain name, which was included in the cost of the software. The software helped me choose the best name for my site and then registered it for me-- and does so each year without me having to worry about it.

Site Build It and They Will Come...

The registration process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours before the website is live on the Internet. Once it was live, then I could go online and use the SBI software that's stored on the company servers.

This software guided me through each step of actually building every webpage. I started by choosing my most profitable keyword and built a homepage around that keyword. Then I just kept working my way down the list building more and more pages. When I had the page the way I liked it, I hit the "analyze it" button and the SBI software checks the page and tells me where I need to improve it. Once I passed the test for each page, SBI submitted it to the search engines and then began watching for when the search engine spiders came crawling the website.

SBI then made sure the pages were entered into each index. If it isn't done within a suitable amount of time it will keep submitting the page until it is indexed.

Once indexed, SBI continues to monitor each page to see where it ranks in each search engine and reports back to me on this ranking. If I am not reaching a high enough position to earn substantial traffic, I can keep tweaking the pages until I get the desired results.

After a few months you will start to see an increasing amount of traffic coming from various search engines. As your website traffic grows, more websites begin linking to you and traffic will grow even faster.

Help is Near...

One of my favourite things about Solo Build It is the forums. They are so helpful. Whenever I get stuck on something, I turn to the forums and I can honestly say that I have found the solution every time!

The opportunities for earning money with a hobby or special interest site are so vast and discreet that many people will never even realize that you earn a great income from your website at all.

Since the software's inception in 1997, it has become a "well tuned machine" and a proven success in helping people like you and me build their very own website. I am already planning another site in the future using Solo Build It.

Solo Build It! CTPM Process

All the tools needed to build a highly trafficked Web site exist under one roof. Your SiteSell Services-built site will work.

Built from the ground up, you'll reap the benefits of 10 years of SiteSell experience, all packed into a truly professional site.

Targeted visitors are motivated, interested visitors. Delivering that kind of traffic, for free from the Search Engines, is what SiteSell Services is all about. As your site grows, your traffic builds too and so will your bank account.

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