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This year's peak summer vacation season on Cape Cod is now winding down (just as the warmer temperatures have finally arrived).

Cape Cod bid a fond farewell to another of the infamous Kennedy clan recently. The funeral service for Eunice Kennedy Shriver drew celebrities, politicians and thousands of well-wishers who stood outside St. Francis Xavier Church in Hyannis to pay their respects.

Her brother Senator Ted Kennedy was too ill to attend the funeral service but did attend a separate, private memorial the day before.

Senator Kennedy has been battling brain cancer and is bed-ridden. His health continues to fail as time goes on.

President Obama will be joining the list of Commander and Chiefs who vacation on Martha's Vineyard, later this month.

The first family plan to stay at the Blue Heron Farm, a $20 million waterfront property in Chilmark, near the graveyard where John Belushi is buried.

This 28.5-acre property offers a secure, private location for the family to retreat to. Expect the usual hoard of news trucks from CNN, FOX, etc., to be clogging the ferries over to the Island.

Come celebrate Carnival ( August 16-22). Rivaling the diversity and energy of Rio, Provincetown celebrates Carnival every August. This year’s theme is the “Summer of Love: Peace, Love and Go-Go Boots,” a nod to the 30th anniversary of Woodstock .

Events include DJs spinning dance music, karaoke, drag king and queen competitions, the infamous Gay Pride Parade with floats down Commercial Street , art exhibits and more.

If you want something a bit more laid back and family friendly, there's something for everyone at Windmill Weekend!

This year's thirty-second annual Eastham event runs from Sept. 11-13 and the theme is: “By The Sea, By the Beautiful Sea”.

Start off the weekend on Friday night at the Elks Lodge. A tasty fish and chicken fry is served by an army of fast moving, hard working volunteers. The food is delicious, and it's a good chance to see old friends and meet new ones.

Sarah sails in Pleasant Bay!

Wednesday, August 26 – Friday, September 11, 2009

Sail back in time aboard the Sarah, a replica of an 1886 Herbert Crosby Catboat which was used for Scallop fishing on Lewis Bay during the late 19th century.

Built in The Cape Cod Maritime Museum’s own boat shop, Sarah was a very popular boat building exhibit until her launch in September of 2007. Embarking on a good will tour of the Cape’s south shore, in collaboration with Historical Societies, Yacht Clubs and other organizations, Sarah will be available for historical excursions, charters and events from several ports of call all summer long.

Make reservations with Cape Cod Maritime Museum, call 508-775-1723. $25 Adults, $10 Kids.

PROVINCETOWN - The case of the mystery ship in the waters off Provincetown has been solved and, although it wasn’t much of a secret, the large vessel that piqued a host of interest among Cape tip residents is on a most curious mission.

There are actually two ships, the 220-foot Sea Hunter and the Son Worshipper. They are “research and salvage ships” — treasure hunters, supposedly on the brink of recovering an estimated $3 to $5 billion in platinum, diamonds and possibly gold from the wreck of a British merchant steamer, sunk off the coast of Cape Cod by a German U-boat in June of 1942.

Aboard the two ships are captain and owner [Greg Brooks], 16 crew, two staffers from the Discovery Channel, security and Nine, the young cat who is mascot and the symbol of good luck to the team.

It is no secret that the ships are there to potentially recover treasure that is locked deep inside the Port Nicholson. A German U-boat fired two torpedoes into the ship, sinking it where it remains today. Its cargo was listed as 1,600 tons of automobile parts and 4,000 tons of military stores.

It is the supposed unlisted, secret cargo that could make this the world’s richest recovered treasure. If true, and if the pirate ship Whydah is about to give up her mother lode that would give the two richest treasure finds in the world connections to Provincetown and Cape Cod.

According to Gary Esper, captain of the Son Worshipper, the wreck is in federal waters, 75-miles off the Cape tip and next to George’s Bank. They come to the waters just outside Provincetown Harbor merely to take refuge from bad weather and conditions. Provincetown is the closest harbor. They are currently scanning the area with side scan sonar and placing buoys, but the conditions have not been good.

“It’s a difficult task, in really deep water, 650 feet,” said Esper. “It’s such a hard place [to look] — on the edge, where it shoals down under.” Esper said they went out Sunday but had to return. They left again Tuesday, hopefully to stay out there until they lift the treasure.

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